New LXT Plus & Xeno Plus Provide Power & Pop

Performance PLUS™ Composite Technology Adds Next-Level Balance and Power to Louisville Slugger® 2016 LXT™ PLUS and XENO® PLUS

High-Performance Bats

CHICAGO, IL (June 23, 2015) More balance. Added power. Maximum pop. These are the three central benefits of Louisville Slugger’s latest high-performance bat technology, Performance PLUS. This technology is now available in the brand’s industry-leading and popular performance Fastpitch bat lines, LXT and XENO. Known for their power, large sweet spots and overall feel, these two lines of bats are grounded in what players want more than ever.

“Our LXT and Xeno models were originally designed to offer players bats with lighter swing weights, reduced vibration, more pop, and overall better feel, all of which help athletes feel more confident and in control at the plate. Performance PLUS takes all those characteristics to the next level,” said Jennie Ritter, Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Business Manager. “As a leader in bat design and engineering, we continually look at ways we can improve and push our offerings to benefit hitters at all ages and levels. Players in our college programs, who are among the first to use Performance Plus technology, tell us the LXT PLUS and Xeno PLUS are, by far, the best bats they’ve ever swung.”

2016 LXT™ PLUS

LXT PLUS features Louisville Slugger’s Performance PLUS Composite technology with zero friction double-wall design, which allows the barrel to reach its maximum flex without resistance. The bat’s patented TRU-3™ Explosive Power Transfer technology helps hitters swing for the fences and smash line drives. Three-piece construction and patented S1iD™ barrel technology give the LXT PLUS a lighter swing weight, ensuring maximum control for confidence at the plate. The bat provides a massive sweet spot and dramatically reduced vibration compared to other bats.

The LXT PLUS gives hitters enhanced performance right out of the wrapper.

LXT PLUS is available in -8, -9, -10 and now -11 oz. Lengths vary by weight from 28 to 34 inches. This high-performance bat, with Hyper accents, looks as hot as it performs. It retails for $349.99 and is available at and sporting goods retailers.

2016 Xeno® PLUS

The #1 bat in Fastpitch has evolved into the power-forward Xeno PLUS. Built with Performance PLUS Composite technology and a zero friction double-wall design, Xeno PLUS features patent-pending iST (inner socket technology). Its two-piece construction and patented S1iD barrel technology give the Xeno PLUS the right mix of undeniable power hitters seek. Like its LXT PLUS cousin, it has a massive sweet spot, superior balance and a light swing weight. Xeno PLUS has performance attributes hitters can immediately see, feel and hear.

Xeno PLUS is available in -9, -10 and -11 oz. Lengths vary by weight from 29 to 34 inches. This high-performance bat, with Hyper accents, looks great on the field, too. It retails for $299.99 and is available at and sporting goods retailers.