Prime 915 (-10)


The Prime 915 is the ultimate combination of speed, power and balance in Baseball. Its premium composite barrel, stiff handle technology, and patented TRU3 three-piece construction give the Prime 915 a lighter swing weight, a massive sweet spot, dramatically reduced vibration compared to other bats, and maximum barrel flex, giving you the best possible feel when you bring the bat through the zone. We're confident that this is the best bat in baseball and we're backing it up with the 30-Day Performance Promise. If you're not more confident in your swing in 30 days, send it back!

Learn About the 30-Day Performance Promise

- 2 1/4" barrel
- 7/8" standard handle

More pop, less weight
The thinner, high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers of our 100% composite design add barrel strength while reducing overall thickness, resulting in a lighter swing and better performance.

Reduced vibration, better feel
A straight, solid connection wrapped in a thick rubber ring, which we call TRU3 technology, dramatically reduces vibration and improves feel.

100% Composite Design

Using thinner

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