For over 130 years, Louisville Slugger has led the field in diamond sports innovation. Nowhere is our combination of time-tested wisdom and forward-thinking ideas more evident than in our baseball and softball bats. We built our name on our bats, and since 1884, those bats have time and again proven to be the best in the field.

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Connection Technology

TRU3 Technology

Revolutionary three-piece connection technology strengthens the link between the barrel and handle of the bat for better feel and dramatically reduced vibration.


While maintaining handle stiffness, iST joins the barrel and handle together, providing players with a solid feel and larger sweet spot. Patent pending.

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Barrell Technology


Using thinner high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers gives us the ability to add more layers of strength while reducing the overall thickness of the barrel's wall.


The hybrid composite handle and AC21 alloy barrel – exclusive to Louisville Slugger – give these bats some of the lightest swing weights on the market.


Developed using the latest aerospace technology available, the ST+20 alloy – the toughest alloy available in baseball today – is exclusive to Louisville Slugger.


C1C Composite is precisely layered with toughened epoxy resin to make it not only high-performing, but highly durable.

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Inner Barrel Technology

Flex Band

A 1"-wide graphite band keeps the barrel's walls thin and the swing weight of the bat as low as possible. The Flex Band also helps give bats one of the biggest sweet spots in baseball. Patent pending.


While maintaining handle stiffness, iST joins the barrel and handle together, providing players with a solid feel and larger sweet spot. Patent pending.

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We rebuilt our bats from the ground up with old-school methods and cutting-edge technology. We start with the best-quality veneer wood on the market and use Amish square-cut craftsmanship, a 360-degree compression process superior to bone rubbing, and an advanced finishing system that guarantees 9H hardness – the highest rating available on the 21-level universal hardness scale. MLB Prime is the only bat available to the public that is the exact same bat used by the pros.

  • MLB Prime –
    Veneer wood

    Slugger upgraded its superior lumber to the best quality wood on the market, which we call MLB Prime Veneer.

  • Amish

    We cut our wood square by hand, in the Amish style, and vacuum dry it to make for stronger bats and a more satisfying “crack.”

  • 360 Degree

    Our exclusive compression process, superior to bone rubbing, guarantees 360 degrees of hardness and no soft spots.

  • Advanced
    Finish System

    Our filler fills all grains and cavities before 3 layers of topcoat seal are applied to give the MLB Prime the hardest finish of any wood bat on the market.

  • Bone-Rubbed

    Louisville Slugger has reinvented the age-old tradition of bone-rubbing bats, and there is simply no peer when it comes to hardness.

Related Products


Maple's dense, hard timber makes it a powerful bat less prone to flaking and one, many players say, that improves their performance in the batter's box. Slugger's maple bats are built for power and performance, and many of the MLB's biggest hitters prefer them.


A lighter, more flexible timber than maple, ash bats give a wider range of large barrel models and a larger, more forgiving sweet spot that results in less breakage. Ash is the timber of choice for many MLB sluggers.


Birch brings together the best attributes of maple and ash, combining the close-grained stiffness and hardness of maple with the lighter weight and wider range of turning models of ash.


The ink dot marks the very best timber, and signifies that a bat meets true MLB slope of grain and is certified for MLB play.