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Drop 12 Baseball Bats

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Drop 12 Baseball Bats 

If you are the parent of a player taking their first swings, you should start with a bat that has a -12 drop weight. These drop 12 baseball bats are highly recommended for children starting to play baseball because of their perfect balance of weight and control.

The 2020 Prime One USSSA Baseball Bat has a comfortable grip and weight that makes it a favorite of the best youth ballplayers year after year. It features a powerful AVC Microform Composite barrel that allows for stiff contact and efficient energy transfer on contact. A Speed Ballistic Composite Turbine End Cap creates an ultra-balanced swing weight in one of our easiest-swinging bats ever. This is a high-performing option built for the next generation of elite. If you’re browsing the rest of our Drop 12 baseball bats, make sure you consider all the variables, including:

  • Grip and Handle ergonomics
  • Barrel diameter
  • Construction design
  • Barrel material
  • Sanctioning League Standards

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