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Drop 5 Baseball Bats

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Drop 5 Baseball Bats

The simplest way to understand drop weights when it comes to baseball bats is this: the bigger the drop, the lighter the bat feels in your hands. As you work your way up toward high school and college ball, the weight drop lowers (bats feel heavier). Drop 5 (-5) baseball bats are perfect for players transitioning toward a BBCOR bat. If you’ve built up strength at the plate and are ready for more of a mix between power and swing speed, this is a good place to start.

Louisville Slugger offers a wide selection of Drop 5 (-5) baseball bats to help players take the next step in their careers. The Prime (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat features a composite barrel that is quick to break-in and provides an optimized sweet spot that feels powerful on contact. With the Select (-5) USA Baseball Bat, you get three-piece patented technology that allows for independent barrel and handle movement. Enjoy ultimate pop and power with less vibration with this balanced drop 5 bat.

Our Louisville Slugger drop 5 baseball bats are the best on the market. Take a look at the different models we offer and find the perfect one for you:

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Finding the best bat for your body is not always straightforward. Our How to Choose a Bat Guide provides all the information you need to find the perfect bat.