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Drop 8 Baseball Bats

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Drop 8 Baseball Bats

Drop 8 (-8) baseball bats are designed for younger players who haven’t grown enough yet to handle the lower drop bats. Remember. The bigger the weight drop, the lighter a bat feels when you swing it. This results in an easy-to-swing bat with a bit more weight to it than a (-10) or (-12) model.

Drop 8 baseball bats are appropriate for players 11 to 12 years old, who have a bit more experience and have already developed some strength in their swing. At Louisville Slugger, our drop 8 bats are top of the line and built with your developing player in mind. The Select (-8) USA Baseball Bat features a three-piece design and Speed Ballistic Composite End Cap to provide increased swing speed and control while balancing weight across this premium (-8) bat. With patented VCX technology, the Prime (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat allows for independent movement between the barrel and handle to deliver the swing speed, control and reduced vibrations that developing players need to take their game to the next level.

Graduating to a drop 8 baseball bat is an important step for young players. As they start to take their game more seriously, make sure you find the best bat to support their efforts:

Need some grip for your new bat? Take a look at the Louisville Slugger Pro Comfort Grip, reengineered for improved grip and unmatched comfort.

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