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MLB Pro Prime B415 Ronald Acuña Player-Inspired Baseball Bat


  • Venezuelan native and Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña pays homage to his home country with this player-designed B415, featuring a red handle, blue barrel and yellow branding throughout in a nod to the Venezuelan flag, which is featured within the Louisville Slugger shield center brand. The B415 turning model, which Acuña swings in games, is made with an AJ10 handle and I13 barrel with a flared knob design.

    The all-new Louisville Slugger MLB Pro Prime lineup is the culmination of hours of collaboration between your favorite MLB stars and the Louisville Slugger product managers. These bats allow players to express themselves, showcasing their interests, hobbies and personality in a one-of-a-kind MLB Prime bat. Available in limited quantities.

    The 2020 MLB Prime lineup is 135 years in the making. Our team has applied its extensive wood bat knowledge to develop a product that, from knob to cup, is unmatched. Each of the 2020 models feature an easy-to-read knob medallion embedded in the knob that indicates the MLB Prime grade of wood, the species and the length, while the bat name and production date is engraved in the surrounding area. These bats also now feature a Craftsman-Style Cup, created specifically to curb breakage and maintain hardness on contact. To give these bats an unparalleled look and feel, the 2020 MLB Prime bats are all coated with our new EXOPRO finish, which creates a beautiful mirror-like appearance and unmatched level of hardness. Seamless Decals on the center, end and back brands blend into the bat almost as intricately as the grain itself. All in all, the 2020 MLB Prime bats are the finest Louisville Slugger bats created in over a century of craftsmanship. 

    This is the 2020 MLB Prime lineup. This is Louisville Slugger.

    • Wood: MLB Maple
    • Turning Model: B415
    • Swing Weight: Slightly End Loaded (4)
    • Features EXOPRO finish - twice as hard as previous ExoArmor finish 
    • Bone-Rubbed
    • Cupped
    • Color: Hardline - Red to Blue
    • Seamless Decals
  • Product SKU(s) WTLWPM415PI2032, WTLWPM415PI2033
    Barrel Material Maple
    Model Year 2020
    Weight Drop Slight End Load
Ronald Acuna Pro Prime Baseball Bat

Tech Tabs

I13 Turning Model

Bat Specs

The B415 has become one of the most popular emerging Louisville Slugger turning models at the pro level. It has a combination of features from some of our vault's most popular big-barrel models, with handle of an AJ10 and the barrel of an I13. It has a flared knob design.

It registers as a '4' (Slightly End Loaded) on the Swing Weight Scale.

This model is made with Maple, which is the species preferred by more than 70 percent of Major League players. Maple bats are known for their surface hardness, unmatched sound and solid feel upon contact. The closed grain structure of the Maple wood lends itself to a more durable surface strength and stiffer feel. It has been stamped with an Ink Dot to indicate the highest quality wood bat, meeting slope-of-grain standards for play in Major League Baseball.

Knob Medallion

Knob Medallion

New to the 2020 line, easy-to-read medallions have been embedded in the knob, clearly show the identifying characteristics of your bat and replacing outdated etching that has been previously used. The medallion on Ronald's player-inspired model is in line with the entire bat's design, and features his number 13.

Center Brand

Center Brand

Louisville Slugger’s exclusive Seamless Decals are applied directly under the top coat, giving MLB Prime bats a pristine look. All MLB Prime models feature branding that blends into the bat almost as intricately as the grain of the wood itself – without added stress from pressure and heat. Thanks to this innovative technology, MLB Prime bats continue to shine after countless trips to the plate. The decal on Ronald's player-inspired model is inspired by the Venezuelan flag.

End Brand

End Brand

A new condensed appearance adds the finishing touch to the completely re-designed 2020 MLB Prime lineup, giving these bats an even cleaner, high-end look. The end brand on Ronald's player-inspired model features the stars from the Venezuelan flag and his nickname, "El Abusador."

Craftsman-Style Cup

Our completely re-engineered Craftsman-Style Cup features a thicker width edge along the end of the barrel, lending added strength and durability to the end of the bat to help reduce chipping and cracking.

Didi Gregorius Baseball Bat EXOPRO Finish


The 2020 MLB Prime lineup features the revolutionary new EXOPRO finish that’s twice as hard as the previous EXOARMOR. This latest innovation in wood bat technology gives you a finish you can feel in an incredibly durable top coat that not only drastically increases surface hardness, but gives you a mirror-like finish in high-gloss models, elevating the color and grain definition of the bat. EXOPRO delivers what you’ve always wanted – a wood bat that feels as good as it looks.

MLB Ink Dot

MLB Ink Dot

The Ink Dot is the stamp of the highest quality wood bat. Louisville Slugger ink-dotted bats that meet slope-of-grain are approved for play in Major League Baseball. Every Maple and Birch Louisville PRIME bat carries this stamp of approval (Ash bats do not have the Ink Dot, since their grains are easily visible).

Limited Warranty

All 2020 Louisville Slugger MLB Prime bats come with a 30-day limited warranty. Restriction apply. Visit the Limited Warranty page on for complete details.