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Youth Wood Bats

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Youth Wood Bats

When it’s time to buy your first wooden bat for kids, Louisville Slugger has your back. Help America’s Pastime continue to thrive and gift them the best wood your little slugger can swing. From MLB Prime to Select and Genuine, there's a wood bat for every young player out setting foot on the field. Slugger’s lineup of youth wood baseball bats is constructed under the same premium standards that produce our MLB Prime bats that are swung at the highest levels of the game. Features like our EXOARMOR finish adds hardness to the bat, a critical component in any quality wood bat.

Louisville Slugger believes all youth wood bats deserve high-quality materials and design. Beginning ballplayers choose the Youth Prime Y271 as a solid first bat option. This eye-popping stick features a blue barrel that fades into a red handle. One of our lightest and most balanced youth models ever, this bat is perfect for young sluggers. The Youth Flylite Bat is a great option for smaller players. With an ultra-light design perfect for building endurance, this -10 bat is perfect for the budding ballplayer. The poplar construction helps players get the bat through the zone more easily and quickly. If you are looking for a lower price point option that doesn’t cut corners with quality, the Youth Genuine Ash is an outstanding value for any budget. Beyond its impressive durability and light construction, this Ash-based model’s flexibility creates a bigger and more forgiving sweet spot - an ideal quality for those new players getting used to hitting the ball.

Louisville Slugger youth wood bats are available in three species, including:

If you want to add some style points to your game, you better visit our Custom Bat Shop, where you can design your very own stick to your favorite specs.