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Youth Prime Maple Y271 Matte Black Baseball Bat


  • At Louisville Slugger, we believe players of all ages deserve quality wood bats. The PRIME Youth Y271 turning model is our lightest and most balanced youth model to-date. Made from maple, our most popular species of wood, offers higher density and hardness on contact. This variation features a Matte Black finish coupled with Matte Silver branding. All PRIME Youth bats feature Louisville Slugger’s EXOARMOR, a state-of-the-art finish that gives an added hardness to the bat you can feel and hear with every swing.
    • Wood: Youth Prime Maple
    • Turning Model: Y271
    • Target Drop: -8 (+/- 2oz)
    • Cupped
    • Finish: Matte Black
    • Decals: Red, White, Blue
  • Product SKU(s) WTLWYM271A1828, WTLWYM271A1829, WTLWYM271A1830, WTLWYM271A1831
    Barrel Material Maple
    Weight Drop Balanced