Talking Bats Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger

See what former MVPs Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger love about their Louisville Slugger Bats.


Just a couple of former MVPs talking shop.

Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich know what it takes to dominate on the game’s biggest stage – and they’ve done so swinging Louisville Slugger bats. Each of the superstar outfielders have claimed a National League Most Valuable Player Award in recent years and even battled it out for the honor in 2019. Louisville Slugger sat down with the two high-profile hitters to talk about their bats, favorite memories and more heading into the 2021 season.

Yelich, a first-round pick back in the 2010 MLB Draft, has used the exact same Louisville Slugger turning model for the duration of his big league career. That led to the creation of the MLB Prime Signature Series CY22, designed to his exact game specs – a thicker handle, traditional, slight knob taper and a dramatic transition from barrel to handle.

“The handle I use, it’s similar to the aluminum bat handle,” Yelich said. “I was comfortable with that because I was a high school kid and just finished swinging an aluminum bat.”

As for the wood used in Yelich’s bats, he’s always preferred Maple because of its consistency. Players of all ages flock to Maple wood bats because of their closed grain structure, which provides durable surface strength and a stiffer feel.

After putting up solid numbers early in his career, the Brewers outfielder says he’s never considered changing what he swings.

“It just eliminates something to worry about for me,” Yelich said. “I’ve had good years with it. I like using it. I’m just going to use that one, probably, until the end of my career.”

As for his counterpart in Los Angeles, Bellinger also swings Maple – but their bats have some major differences. His MLB Prime Signature Series C35 is uncupped and has a more endloaded feel. The story behind how he started swinging it is one-of-a-kind.

“In my first big league spring training in 2016, I accidentally ordered it uncupped, and I actually fell in love with,” Bellinger said. “I’ve been swinging the same bat ever since. I just like how it’s more top-heavy.”

Yelich lightheartedly poked fun at his friend, laughing at the story behind Bellinger’s bat.

“That’s exactly the kind of story I was expecting,” Yelich responded. “Not shocking at all.”

While Bellinger is looking for a second consecutive World Series ring in 2021, Yelich is working to lead his club back to October in a very competitive NL Central. Follow the pair of sluggers all season long on Instagram at @cody_bellinger and @christianyelich.

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