Trey Mancini Raises Cancer Awareness with Pro Prime Bat

Learn about the custom MLB Prime bat Trey Mancini designed with Louisville Slugger.


Trey Mancini has captivated the baseball world with his victory over colon cancer, culminating in his return to Major League Baseball and an inspiring performance at the 2021 Home Run Derby in Denver. The Baltimore Orioles star also collaborated with Louisville Slugger to craft the MLB Pro Prime TM16 Player Inspired Baseball Bat.

Mancini’s Pro Prime bat design is modeled on the C243, the bat he uses in big league games. His customized bat is built to match his game specs, and it is painted with a Navy Blue handle that fades to a Sky Blue barrel. When Mancini began designing his signature Pro Prime bat, he wanted to incorporate the blue colorway adopted by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending colon cancer.

“With everything I’ve gone through in the past year, the first thing that pops to mind is something with colon cancer,” Mancini said. “I just started a foundation, and most of what we’re doing is partnering with (the Colorectal Cancer Alliance).”

Mancini launched the Trey Mancini Foundation late in 2020, and part of the foundation’s mission is to promote colon cancer awareness and prevention. In February 2021, the foundation held its first fundraiser – a raffle for a Zoom meeting with Trey – and proceeds benefitted the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. The knob medallion on Mancini’s Pro Prime model features Mancini’s initials and the logo for his foundation.

“Since it’s tied into my foundation too, that’s perfect,” Mancini said. “If I had a choice of something that it would be tied into, it’s that.”

In addition to collaborating with the CC Alliance, the Trey Mancini Foundation has partnered with Blessings In A Backpack, a national organization that works to feed children and end food insecurity. Mancini said the partnership has raised funds to feed students in Baltimore.

“Part of what we’re doing too is a backpack program for kids,” Mancini said. “Especially in Baltimore, a lot of the kids kind of go hungry… so we’re doing a backpack program to provide meals for kids at schools.”

The words “I’m With Trey” are inlaid on the blue LS shield, and “F16GHT” appears on the end brand, recognizing the slugger’s triumph over colon cancer in 2020. Mancini’s signature appears in metallic blue opposite the “F16HT” logo on the end of the barrel.

“I think having ‘I’m With Trey’ in the Louisville logo is amazing,” Mancini said. “That’s all I can ask for, and I really like the color scheme.”

Stay tuned for more from Mancini and Louisville Slugger. To keep up with Trey, follow him on Instagram @treymancini and follow his foundation @treymancinifoundation.