Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Showcases Family with Pro Prime Bat

Learn about the custom MLB Prime bat Vladimir Guerrero Jr. designed with Louisville Slugger


Toronto slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. broke out some new lumber during Tuesday night’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

Guerrero Jr. dominated the first half of his age-22 season, swinging his Louisville Slugger MLB Pro Prime VG27 Baseball Bat to the tune of .332/.430/.658 with 28 home runs and a 193 OPS+ at the 2021 All-Star Break. In turn, fans made Guerrero Jr. the youngest player ever to lead the league in All Star voting, and he collaborated with Louisville Slugger to design the MLB Pro Prime VG27 Player Inspired Baseball Bat just in time for Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic.

In his second at-bat of the night, Guerrero Jr. became the second-youngest player ever to homer in an All-Star Game when he used his new Pro Prime bat to launch a 468-foot moonshot out of Coors Field.

Guerrero Jr.’s Pro Prime bat design features the same specs as his VG27. The uncupped birch bat was built to fit Guerrero Jr.’s swing, and his Pro Prime model showcases the importance of family in his life. Guerrero Jr., the son of longtime #LouisvilleLoyal slugger and Hall of Fame outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, wanted this bat to celebrate his loved ones.

“I would like to focus the theme on family,” Guerrero Jr. said.

Thanks to his family, Guerrero Jr. has been in the spotlight for most of his life. In 2002, when Vladdy was only three years old, he stood beside his father in matching Expos uniforms at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. The young Guerrero lifted his Expos batting helmet, leading to an iconic photo of the father-son duo. Now, nearly 20 years later, that moment serves as the inspiration for Guerrero Jr.’s Pro Prime bat.

“I would like the red, white and blue, like the uniforms of the Expos,” Guerrero Jr. said while holding up the iconic photo of him and his dad in Montreal.

Guerrero Jr.’s bat features a Red barrel and a Royal Blue handle. The flag of the Dominican Republic appears in the Louisville Slugger logo, and maple leaves appear on the end brand as a nod to his family’s history in Canada. The word “Family” replaces his name on the barrel, and the silhouette of a three-year-old Guerrero Jr. with his father appears on the knob medallion. The number 27, a uniform number shared by both Guerreros, is also on display in the medallion.

Vladimir’s family maintains a significant position as the first family of baseball in the Dominican Republic. For many Dominican and Spanish-speaking players, the Guerrero family members act as ambassadors of the game. Guerrero Jr., extremely popular in his home country, is widely known in the Dominican Republic just for the sound that his bat makes when he strikes the ball: “¡PLAKATA!”

Stay tuned for more from Guerrero Jr. and Louisville Slugger. To keep up with Vladdy, follow him on Instagram @vladdyjr27.

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