Meet the 2022 Meta BBCOR at the Omaha Experience

Learn about the limited edition 2022 Meta BBCOR Bat at the Omaha Experience.


The 2022 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Bat makes its debut in an exclusive colorway in Omaha just in time to celebrate college baseball's national championship.

Meet the Omaha Limited Edition 2022 Meta BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat, the very first look at Louisville Slugger’s 2022 lineup. While Slugger will release the full collection of 2022 BBCOR bats in the fall of 2021, the LTD 2022 Meta BBCOR Bat is available now on and on site at the Omaha Experience. For the game’s elite BBCOR hitters in search of advanced technology, the LTD 2022 Meta BBCOR Bat delivers Louisville Slugger’s latest innovations with a never-before-seen gold, grey and blue EKO™ Composite Barrel.

“EKO Composite is our patented barrel design which utilizes aerospace-grade carbon fiber,” said James Earley, Louisville Slugger’s Director of Innovation. “It’s built so that it has maximum performance out of the wrapper.”


The exclusive barrel colorway of this LTD 2022 Meta is not available on the custom site, meaning the only way to swing this gradient gold and blue EKO™ Composite Barrel is by picking it up on or at the Omaha Experience during the final rounds of college baseball's national championship.

According to Earley, Slugger’s engineering team designed the 2022 Meta’s barrel with small, individual layers of composite material stacked on top of each other. When stacked slightly offset, these layers of composite material deliver improved durability along with lightweight performance.

The easy-swinging profile and stiff feel of Meta offer the perfect solution for advanced BBCOR hitters who want to fully harness their hit and raw power tools in the batter’s box. The 2022 Meta BBCOR Bat delivers incredible performance from day one, a monstrous sweet spot and stiff feel with limited vibration.

“This bat was designed for elite high school players wanting a bat that does it all.”