Spotlight On: The Elite Speed of Solo

See what the experts have to say about the Solo’s swing speed and barrel control.


Swing speed and barrel control are the name of the game. In the 2021 Solo, the Louisville Slugger R&D team have put one of the most high-performing, durable models on the market into the hands of players of all ages.

James Earley, Louisville Slugger’s Director of Innovation, said the light swing weight of Solo is perfect for players trying to maximize swing speed and improve plate coverage.

“With its new barrel design, players love the feel and sound of contact of this bat,” Earley said. “Solo is the perfect combination of a light swing weight and big sweet spot.”

The 2021 Solo baseball bat offers hitters a signature balanced swing weight, enabling complete barrel control when they step up to the plate. The sweet-swinging 2021 Solo features a one-piece design that batters can power effortlessly through the zone, allowing you to make more consistent contact.

The Premium SL Hyper Alloy Barrel delivers a massive sweet spot and iconic alloy sound. The thinner wall design of Solo’s barrel helps you get the bat through the zone efficiently, allowing hitters to maximize swing speed and control. The alloy barrel pairs with the SPD Composite End Cap, a unique design that heightens barrel performance.


The Solo’s Vibex™ Vibration Dampening Handle transfers energy to the barrel away from your hands, meaning you’ll experience less vibration on contact.

Make your Solo #CustomCrafted on the Louisville Slugger custom builder at For just $50 more than the inline version, you can choose your colors and personalize the bat of your dreams – and it’s sure to give pitchers nightmares. 

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