Setting the Bar with Xeno

Learn how the 2021 Xeno is built for maximum pop.


Discover the fastpitch bat designed to maximize performance at the plate.

The 2021 Louisville Slugger Xeno offers a stiffer feel through the zone, a swing preferred by players of all ages. Softball’s top power hitters inspired the design and build of the 2021 Xeno.

“Xeno has been the Slugger staple model for years,” said Louisville Slugger Innovation Director James Earley. “Players love the stiffness in the connection and the loud sound off the barrel.”

The Xeno, available exclusively on, pairs a Dual-Disc S1ID Performance Composite Barrel with the lightweight X-CAP End Cap, which was designed to give you premier performance immediately out of the box. The balanced swing weight of Xeno makes it perfect for all players, and the two-piece IST Technology creates a stiffer connection so hitters get a more solid feel on contact.

“Xeno checks all the boxes with its affordable price, max performance, huge sweet spot, incredible feel and loud sound to let you know you just crushed the ball,” Earley said.

To maximize performance, we built the 2021 Xeno with a Performance Composite Barrel that features our patented, dual-disc technology. The S1ID™ barrel technology is built to dominate, which helps hitters harness their strength and drive the ball for extra bases. If you're looking to find your maximum pop and a balanced swing, step up to the plate with Xeno and send balls flying.