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Limited Edition MLB Prime M110 Autism Speaks Baseball Bat

  • Swing for The Moment with this limited-edition M110 MLB Prime bat, created specifically for the partnership between Louisville Slugger and Autism Speaks. The two organizations collaborated to create a product that exists to spread the message of inclusion, acceptance and understanding for people on the autism spectrum. This M110 -- one of the oldest and most popular Louisville Slugger turning models, first developed in 1944 -- features Autism Speaks' signature blue color, and a Love the Moment back brand developed specifically for the Louisville Slugger/Autism Speaks partnership.

    The 2020 MLB Prime lineup is 135 years in the making. Our team has applied its extensive knowledge of wood bats to develop a product that, from knob to cup, is unmatched. Each of the 2020 models features a knob medallion that indicates the size, model and production date, and a Craftsman-Style Cup, created specifically to curb breakage and maintain hardness on contact. To give these bats an unparallelled look and feel, the 2020 MLB Prime bats all feature our new EXOPRO finish, which brings an unmatched level of hardness to the Louisville Slugger wood product, and a beautiful mirror-like appearance. Seamless Decals on the center and back brands blend into the bat almost as intricately as the grain itself. All in all, the 2020 MLB Prime bats are the finest Louisville Slugger bats created in over a century of craftsmanship. 

    This is the 2020 MLB Prime lineup. This is Louisville Slugger.
    • Wood: MLB Maple
    • Turning Model: M110
    • Swing Weight: Most Balanced (1)
    • Features EXOPRO finish - twice as hard as previous ExoArmor finish
    • MLB Ink Dot
    • Bone-Rubbed
    • Cupped
    • Color: Fade - Distressed Black to Gray Stain
    • Seamless Decals
  • Product SKU(s)
    Series MLB Prime
    Barrel Material Maple
    Model Year 2019
    Weight Drop Most Balanced

Tech Tabs

M110 Turning Model

Bat Specs

The M110 is one of the top five most popular Louisville Slugger turning models at the Major League level and, developed in 1944, it is one of the oldest models still being used today.This model uses a denser starting billet to create a more consistently hard bat and a slightly thicker handle for a balanced feel, giving you the lightest swing weight of the Louisville Slugger Prime models and maximum control when you bring the bat through the zone. It is a '1' (Most Balanced) on the Swing Weight Scale.

This model is made with Maple, which is the species preferred by more than 70 percent of Major League players. Maple bats are known for their surface hardness, unmatched sound and solid feel upon contact. The closed grain structure of the Maple wood lends itself to a more durable surface strength and stiffer feel. It has been stamped with an Ink Dot to indicate the highest quality wood bat, meeting slope-of-grain standards for play in Major League Baseball.

Knob Medallion

Knob Medallion

New to the 2020 line, easy-to-read medallions have been embedded in the knob, clearly show the identifying characteristics of your bat and replacing outdated etching that has been previously used. The medallion indicates the MLB Prime grade of wood, the species and the length, while the bat name is engraved in the surrounding area.

Center Brand

Center Brand

Louisville Slugger’s exclusive Seamless Decals are applied directly under the top coat, giving MLB Prime bats a pristine look. All MLB Prime models feature branding that blends into the bat almost as intricately as the grain of the wood itself – without added stress from pressure and heat. Thanks to this innovative technology, MLB Prime bats continue to shine after countless trips to the plate.

End Brand

End Brand

A new condensed appearance adds the finishing touch to the completely re-designed 2020 MLB Prime lineup end brand, giving these bats an even cleaner, high-end look.

Craftsman-Style Cup

Craftsman-Style Cup

Our completely re-engineered Craftsman-Style Cup features a thicker width edge along the end of the barrel, lending added strength and durability to the end of the bat to help reduce chipping and cracking.

Back Brand

Back Brand

All of these LS x Autism Speaks bats feature a custom-made Love the Moment back brand developed specifically for the partnership.

MLB Ink Dot

MLB Ink Dot

Louisville Slugger ink-dotted bats are the highest quality wood bats in the game. Every maple and birch PRIME bat that meet slope-of-grain carries the Ink Dot and are approved for play in Major League Baseball.

Autism Speaks Wood Baseball Bat

Love The Moment

Love The Moment

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