Fastpitch Softball Bats

The Fastpitch Softball Bat Collection

Step into the batter’s box with ultimate confidence with a Louisville Slugger fastpitch bat. Having a high-performing bat that swings and performs as well as it feels is critical in today’s game. No matter what you’re looking for in your fastpitch bat, we’ve got you covered with the Meta, LXT and Xeno. The number one lineup in the game is ready to help you take things to the next level.

The groundbreaking Meta Fastpitch Bat is designed with a patent-pending cantilevered gapped barrel design that not only delivers performance right out of the wrapper, but has what every player craves: great feel and durability. Available in three weight drops and a variety of lengths, this is one of the best composite softball bats in the market today.

For years, the LXT and Xeno have carried elite teams across the country to championships. LXT Fastpitch Bats are designed with a full composite construction and an ultra-balanced feel. Our patented PBF Barrel Technology and VCX Vibration Control Technology improve feel, allowing players to stay locked in at the plate. Xeno Fastpitch Bats are the right choice for players who love a stiff feel through the zone. With patented S1ID Barrel Technology, these bats deliver high performance right out of the wrapper while maintaining a balanced swing weight that is perfect for every type of hitter.

Looking for a more personalized option? Visit Slugger’s Custom Bat Shop to design your own fastpitch softball bat.