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TRU3 Technology


TRU3 Technology is a revolutionary 3-piece bat construction that features a patented elastomeric connection system between the barrel and the handle (See U.S. Patent No. 8,226,505). This system allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle. It controls vibration and provides hitters with unmatched feel on contact. TRU3TM technology creates a feel unique to each sport and player type.

Vibration from miss hit balls are partially absorbed before it reaches the players hands. This allows a player to maintain acceleration through impact without the worry of major hand sting.


Swing HarderTM With TRU3



  • My PRIME / SELECT / LXT / Z4 / HYPER Z bat has movement in the connection between the barrel and handle, is this normal?
    Yes. The patented elastomeric connection was designed to allow movement between the barrel and the handle (see U.S. Patent No. 8,226,505). Movement may reach the optimal range as the bat breaks-in. Break-in typically occurs within the first month or few months of regular use against live pitching. Break-in may require more hits when hitting primarily off of a batting tee. If you would like to playtest a Louisville Slugger bat with TRU3 technology that is already broken-in, contact your local dealer to see whether it offers a demo program.

    TRU3TM technology creates a feel unique to each sport and player type. After break-in, the elastomeric connection system is working properly when a slight amount of movement in the connection is present on contact with the ball. This movement enhances the unmatched feel of the bats with TRU3 Technology. The design of the elastomeric connection system may vary slightly in TRU3 bats intended for stronger players with higher swing speeds using heavier bats, in order to maintain movement within the designed range.
  • If movement is normal, is there an excessive amount of movement that would be covered by the limited warranty?
    Players can check their bat with TRU3 Technology after break-in. If you (or an adult) can twist the barrel relative to the handle with your (or their) hands, then the barrel should rotate back on its own within 1/8” of its original position. If you can twist the barrel relative to the handle and it does NOT rotate back as described, then the connection may have been compromised - please contact the Louisville Slugger warranty department within 1 year of the date of your original purchase. Make sure to keep your original receipt per the terms and conditions of Louisville Slugger’s limited warranty policy.
  • Does TRU3 Technology increase the performance in a bat?
    Yes. The performance enhancement is due to the improved feel with less worry of major hand sting. The advantage of TRU3 is the unmatched feel that the hitter has when swinging a bat with TRU3 - this translates to increase confidence at the plate that lets you Swing HarderTM every time. The increased power would come from an improved swing speed.
  • My TRU3 bat was thrown out by an umpire. What should I do?
    Show the certification marks printed directly on the bat as well as product copy that explains how the movement in the bat is intentional and patented.

    If your bat was thrown out for movement in the handle/barrel connection area - Please contact Louisville Slugger and let us know the date / location and your team name so that we can reach out to the league / umpires to help educate them on this revolutionary technology.

    Unfortunately, some umpires are not educated on Louisville Slugger’s TRU3 technology and do not understand that the movement is intentional, beneficial, and patented.