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Drop 3 Baseball Bats

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Drop 3 Baseball Bats

College and high school players swing Drop 3 (-3) baseball bats. You know what you’re doing at the dish and you’re ready to do damage every time you step in. Every player has their preference when it comes to their Drop 3 (-3) BBCOR bat – and Louisville Slugger’s latest BBCOR lineup is crafted for optimized performance, with an offering for each type of hitter.

The most high-performing sluggers in the game choose the 2020 Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat. The most advanced materials and our innovative design features work together to create an unmatched feel and explosive performance. An increased and optimized sweet spot will empower power and contact hitters alike. The patented VCX™ Technology allows for independent movement between the barrel and handle while controlling vibration.

The 2020 Omaha Drop 3 BBCOR Bat features a stiff one-piece construction that, because of fine-tuning and constant adjustments, drives the top hitters in BBCOR to choose this bat each year. The MX 7U1+ alloy barrel is designed with an expanded sweet spot and a VIBEX™ premium vibration-dampening handle that reduces hand sting so you can focus on driving the ball all over the diamond.

If a player is looking for a value option, the 2020 Vapor BBCOR Baseball Bat is another high-performing choice. With an affordable price point and advanced features, this incredibly popular model has an unrivaled mix of durability and performance. The one-piece construction made of 7-Series Alloy gives you the stability, control and power you need in the box. Wrap it with a synthetic leather grip and you have one of the most reliable Drop 3 Baseball Bats on the market.

Louisville Slugger offers an extensive lineup of Drop 3 (-3) BBCOR Bats. Make sure you check out all our available models to find the bat suited to your swing.

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