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Youth Prime Maple Y318 Black Baseball Bat


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  • High quality bats for the next generation of superstars. The Youth Prime Y318 features a big barrel design with a dramatic transition from barrel to handle. A short barrel-to-handle taper helps create a powerful feel. This variation features a black high-gloss finish.

    All Youth Prime wood bats feature Seamless Decals, as well as Louisville Slugger’s innovative EXOPRO finish, which creates a beautiful mirror-like appearance and unmatched level of hardness.

    • EXOPRO: Gives you a finish you can feel in an incredibly durable top coat that not only drastically increases surface hardness, but gives you a mirror-like finish in high-gloss models, elevating the color and grain definition of the bat.
    • Seamless Decals: Louisville Slugger’s exclusive Seamless Decals are applied directly under the top coat, giving MLB Prime bats a pristine look. All MLB Prime models feature branding that blends into the bat almost as intricately as the grain of the wood itself – without added stress from pressure and heat. Thanks to this innovative technology, MLB Prime bats continue to shine after countless trips to the plate.
    • Craftsman-Style Cup: Our completely re-engineered Craftsman-Style Cup features a thicker width edge along the end of the barrel, lending added strength and durability to the end of the bat to help reduce chipping and cracking.
    • Color: Black
  • Product SKU(s) WBL244101027, WBL244101028, WBL244101029, WBL244101030, WBL244101031
    Series Youth Prime
    Barrel Material Maple
    Model Year 2021

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